That is sad!

Article taken from Al Watan newspaper

What I read in the newspaper this morning just appalled me! Basically, two days ago, a student was returning home from college when an unmarked car blocked her way. A policeman got out, and knocked on her window, asked her to follow him to Rumaithiya police station after taking her license etc.

The poor soul obliged to his orders not knowing whats going on, she called her parents on the way to the station, and they hurried down there.  To cut a long story short, the police men who are supposed to be responsible men treated the parents like shit! They gave them no answers and refused to give back their daughter, the mother, a British Kuwaiti decided to consult a lawyer, but sadly on the way she got a heart attack and passed away. The daughter was released shortly after wards with no charges.

The irresponsible men down at Rumaithiya police station caused this dilemma that ended in death, where the hell is your brains? Your friggin police men!! You don’t play around like that!! WTF is wrong with Kuwait?! What will others think of us? Another Saddam? Torturing the poor parents until one of them died! What was the cause of this? Bragging?! Look i arrested this hotty, no self confidence?!? What?? I’m telling you, if this continues there will be no Kuwait!

I’m assuming she’s the poor victim, may she rest in peace and may god give her family the ability to endure this catastrophe.

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  1. Well i guess theyre just being stupid, they should have at least gave the parents a reason for keeping her, the nerve on these ppl.


    • exactly!! i’m sure there was no reason even!

  2. so what police can ask random ppl off the street to just come to the station ?

    wats the dakhiliya gna do abt the cops?

    • i dunno .. but i doubt if anything will happen

  3. This is not just sad, it’s too ugly !! If I were the girl first of all, I wouldn’t have moved from my place without calling my parents and calling 112 as well, giving them the plate number of that car. This is where I think the story started wrongly!! I wish I can see this person, I swear I’d smash his face and cut his balls big time !!

    • well he showed her his identification .. and shes a girl .. she must have been scared .. if you meet him call me so i’ll join you!!

  4. I nearly teared up while reading this :/

    • awww 😦

  5. As a dear friend of Dana, (the girl that was harassed in this case) I would like to thank you for posting this on your blog. And I would like to thank everyone for their comments and support.
    I just want to point out a few things that the newspapers failed to mention (as well as getting some information wrong):
    Dana is 22 years old NOT 2O
    Her mom passed away from a STROKE (NOT a heart attack) due to the stress of her daughter being treated this way.
    Dana was on Jawazat round about on her way from ACK to marina mall to meet a friend for lunch. She wanted to celebrate getting good grades in her classes. When all of a sudden this traffic officer in a pickup truck with tinted windows cut her off and made her slam on her brakes. He got out and WAS wearing the police uniform; however he was off duty (and NOT in a police car). He took her license and told her to follow him to the RUMATHIYA police station EVEN though they were right in front of the SALMIYA police station. On the way he was speeding and not even indicating. When she arrived to the police station she waited in her car while he went inside. Soon he came back with a man in a dishdasha and told her to go inside. She said no as she was the only girl alone and there were men inside, and she wanted her parents to arrive first. (Dana was speaking in English as her Arabic is poor). The disgusting officer started screaming at her at the top of his lungs saying that he’d KILL HER, put her face under his shoe and squash it, and punch her face that her glasses will go in her eyes and start bleeding to death! The story gets even worse, however its best told by DANA herself.
    Dana and her family are respectful people that obey the laws of KUWAIT as well as the religion. They are good people, and they DO NOT deserve this. Her friends and family will not rest until JUSTICE IS SERVED.
    (You don’t understand the pain and hurt she is going through, THIS ASSHOLE PICKED THE WRONG PERSON TO MESS WITH!!!!!)

    Dana and her father have been interviewed by AL WATAN TV, and the show will be aired on THURSDAY 29TH APRIL @ 10pm. (Khaled Adul Jaleel’s show).

    May her mother REST IN PEACE. 😥

    Her best friend,

    Nadia xx

    • Thanks Nadia for this clarification, we all can’t wait for the interview! Thanks again.

  6. Thank YOU for your support Q80BOY.. we need more people like you in this country!

    • no worries .. keep up the good work 🙂

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