Shit Happens

It’s April, the finals are in sight, so it’s time for hardcore revision and study ..


My final Computing programming project is due in at the end of April, to be marked and sent to the UK, I ask the teacher for a certain programmign software, he in turn asks the computer technician to install this software, it doesnt work because its a cheap pirated version! I go out and buy the software, I come to install it in school to discover that we have no DVD drives, so no software at school, ok and? what? give up? fail my project?!

A triple chemistry lesson (approximately 120 minutes) in a normal school, with a normal teacher at this time of year will consist of, finishing off the current unit, starting revision, discussing past papers, Oh no no, not at my school, Mr. Carrot head is more interested in his laptop, his wife who lives abroad, and their new house somewhere in Europe! He tries teaching, then gives up and focus on his interests. Don’t tell me it’s because of us, he can’t teach!   The head of chemistry observed him, the head of sciences observed him, they know he can’t teach, ok and us? the students? Tough! Life is unfair! Go get after school tuitions! And the 3000 KD my father is paying you?!

Study lessons turned into music lessons, listen to the latest arabic songs, banging on desks, clapping and singing, oh joy! Don’t get me started with the random arguments and fights between the lifeless guys we have!

The library is a social hot spot for the senior girls, we want to use the library! no! why? segregation! Ok and?! I’m not gonna make out with a girl in a frigging Library trust me!!!

The common room (which is next door to the deputy head’s office btw) is a warzone! I passed by yesterday and their were blood stains from the room to the stair way, no it wasn’t a girl! Apparently a boy tripped and fell on his face, yeah right! What did Mr. Deputy head do? Pretty much nothing, he remained in his office, listening to his soothing music doing NOTHING!

Graduation Ceremony at the end of May, right in the middle of the finals! Failure jack ass students graduate as well, they want the money you see!!

Then they expect us to pass the exams with flying colors? Dream on baby!

Below is a video of our Chemistry class, enjoy!


6 Responses

  1. … and this is in a ‘private’ school. Mamma mia!

    • yeah ‘private’ business not school! 😛

  2. High school what a joy! I kept telling the principal that school gets in the way of our education but wouldn’t believe me. Thank god i’ve graduated long time ago

    • lool I agree with your comment .. if we get home schooled it would be much better!

  3. and u made fun that i didnt study at last years final, pish-posh. lol. why not revise alone? at home, u no how those “guyz” are, and Mr. Carrothead, u cant blame him, he tried!


    • yeah he tried .. but he has his qualification (IGCSE Math) .. i still need mine!! 😛

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