So this is it, an American muslim business executive wants to marry a young Kuwaiti (or Saudi) woman, and he has made this awfully clear by advertising in Al Watan news paper!

I just have a couple of comments regarding this ad:

~ I hope the groom-to-be isn’t the one that composed this ad, because if he is, trust me, he’s not American!

~ Why would you look for a wife through a newspaper? What happened to true love?

~ How did Al Watan, a famous and well known news paper in Kuwait accept to have this “ad” in their paper? Or is money the key to everything nowadays?

Oh well, if you match the criteria, give him a call or send him an email, I wish him best of luck in finding his partner, and I hope them both a happy life together!

PS. this is no different than the ads we see in the free papers you can get in the UK, I always enjoy reading the “Man Seeking Man” and “Woman Seeking Woman” parts 😛 hahaha


8 Responses

  1. livingS in Kuwait?! April fool’s is 10 days late here!

    • hahaha yeah it is!! 😛

      and welcome back .. the blog missed you! 😀

  2. lool, i bet hes not american.


    • but we cant come to conclusions .. maybe its someone at the paper who wrote up the ad .. or his secretary? 😛

  3. That’s just tacky :/

    • lol it is right? oh well .. when they see the money .. tacky is classy i guess 😛

  4. LOL OMG, is he serious?!

    • yes very serious! there was an interview with him in Al Watan newspaper today .. i5li9aw il a5bar! 😛

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