WTF: Kuwaiti Police

So now Kuwaiti police start working huh? When i have a frigging IELTS test on a Saturday morning you start working huh?!

We’re driving to the AUK in Salmiya, we just passed under the tunnel (yeah the one that they spent a gizzilion years trying to build), and BAM over 20 cars and 4 police cars waiting for us, then Mr. Officer who failed his school exams and applied for police school stops us!!

Whats wrong officer?

The radar caught you, you were speeding.

I’m in a hurry, I have a test to go to.

I don’t care park the car and give me your registration.

So dad goes and speaks to Mr. Officer, he gets fined 50 KD for driving at 110 km/h in a 80 km/h road .. did i mention we were in a hurry? did i mention that if i drive at 80 km/h the cars will run me over? It’s a high street!! Who drives at 80 km/h?!?! And for gods sake its Kuwait! And there are over 20 cars parked there!!!

Do the math .. 20 x 50 = 1000 KD .. talk about fast money!!

I dont mind Mr. Officer working .. but why today? why Saturday morning!?!?!

(And i have an oral speaking test later today .. trust me i can speak English!)


18 Responses

  1. just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you have to break the law. what gives you the right? and then you go and talk to daddy. what a fucking, irresponsible baby. i really thought you had a point. stop with the fucking excuses and whining and get a watch.

    • daddy was driving me .. im only 16 😛

      i have a watch .. i drive to salmiya every day .. my school is there .. i know for a fact that it takes me 20 minutes .. no reason to wake up earlier and drive there one hour before the test is there? :/

      breaking the law? who drives 80 km/h in a main high way? and dont tell me you start driving at 80 km/h .. ill get beeped at and run over!

      thanks for passing by 🙂

    • Fucking + Shijoon = Nice man in real life

      • mm .. it’s your opinion 😉 😛

  2. What a spoilt attitude?
    You assume policemen’s stupidity due to their job. What a nonsense ? Are you serious ?

    BTW, I drive my car within the speed limit, whether I’m driving on 20 or 100 km/h street road limits. You know why, because I’m a responsible citizen who respect the law. You’re parents should have taught you that, If they have raised you, but I assume they didn’t and left that job to the nanny. Good For you

    I applaud every policemen who tackle their job with determination. You make us proud.
    He should have fined you more, a Mere 50KD would not teach snobs like you a lessen.

    • wow new readers .. who attack me! 😛

      well sorry .. but this is a democratic country .. i can say whatever I’d like to say .. its my blog! 😀

      and lol why are u calling me a snob? trust me im not .. u can call me surprised though cause i am .. its Kuwait! .. since when do “policemen tackle their job with determination”?

      Kuwait? K-town? you’ve heard of it right? Wasta? You read newspapers right? Google it or something!

      And did i mention its a frigging high way?!

      Aah why bother .. thanks for passing by 🙂

  3. POLICE ARE DUMB! They FAIL it’s called dominance of some over others. They dominate you to feel good about themselves because in real life they FAIL!!

    • yaay at last someone who agrees with me! 😛

      lol .. yeah they fail .. especially here in Kuwait (my opinion .. so shoot me!) and speaking of dominance they are arent they?! i was taking photos of their car once with the lights on and he was like “are u taking photos of me?” i was like “yeah .. putting them on worlds biggest police chases!” min 7alatik y3ni i wanna take photos of you?! :S

      thanks!! 😀

  4. Loool.. maskeen..
    I hope you got to school on time..
    bas seriously, kuwaiti police suck because everything depends on the officer’s mood!!

    • exactly!! if hes in a bad mood he’ll come up with things you’ve never even heard of .. yulla 7a9al 5er .. i did the test and its all over now 😀

  5. I’m torn out between whether to cheer for you or the policeman. it’s rare to see a policeman who actually applies the law, but he did it wrong since (as you said) it’s a highway. so i guess i should be on your side, i thought you were in college hehe!

    • as i said i don’t mind them doing their job .. but do it for some worthwhile stuff .. like the drunk American that was damaging cars last night .. or the traffic light which showed all three colors .. not for speeding on a highway (i checked this morning and its 120 km/h .. there was a board right after the South Surra exit) .. and no im still at school 😛 graduation year!! 😀

  6. lol they really dont have anything to do huh?


    • no nothing .. just me and 20 other cars on a saturday morning .. Kuwait is so safe .. we’re the matter! 😛

  7. If you were from his family or his friend he would have let you pass, hypocrites!

    • wasta wasta!! 😛

  8. It is “God’s” not …. Please revise!

    • huh? :S

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