Review: The Bounty Hunter

This is how I would summarize the film, it’s about an ex cop who hunts his ex wife down to get a bounty, and along the way they re-examine their relationship.

“The Bounty Hunter” could have been a great romantic comedy. Jennifer Aniston is already well established in this genre, while Gerard Butler has already shown promise in “The Ugly Truth”. However, “The Bounty Hunter” has a rather flat and tiring plot, which is not as entertaining as one hoped. I just found the fighting between them not dramatic enough, as a result nothing much happens between them. They are just running from one place to another, which is not very interesting to watch. It also cannot decide between being a romantic comedy or a detective story, so most subplots of the film gets underdeveloped.

Only watch it if you’ve got some time to kill!


3 Responses

  1. i thought it was quite amusing! bas yalla.. inas athwa8:p it would be awesome if you reviewed when in rome

    • amusing? well yeah but considering the actors I was expecting higher quality! 😛

      If I watch “When In Rome” I’ll review it .. and thanks for passing by! 🙂

  2. actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie ~`-

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