Geneva 2010: In Pictures

Welcome to the Geneva motor show. It’s Saturday and we’re buzzing with industrial quantities of low-grade coffee. Get ready for a whistle-stop tour of the show floor.

Actually, ‘whistle-stop’ is probably a bit hopeful. ‘Get ready for a meandering tour of the show floor, no doubt missing out several Worthy And Important cars’ would be more accurate. Click “More” for all the best/most obvious bits from Geneva stories.

Via Top Gear

Alfa's 147 replacement and Volkswagen Golf rival looks better in the metal than it did in the preview pictures. Rather lovely, in other words. Would you take one over a new Focus? You're not even looking at the car, are you?

We've been staring at it for a good 20 minutes, and we still have no idea what to make of Aston's rebadged, re-faced Toyota iQ. We think... we think... we think we probably need another coffee.

Surprisingly small in the flesh, is Audi's new baby. Which isn't surprising, really, as it's a direct Mini rival. There's an 'E-Tron' electric version on the stand, while an Audi spokesman told us that we're 'very likely' to see a hot version in the next couple of years. A Mini JCW-battling A1 hot hatch? Yes please...

In the right spec, Audi's M3 Coupe-rival could be a proper sleeper. 444bhp from a reworked version of the R8's 4.2-litre V8, a clever new diff, 174mph (if you get the limiter removed), and a whole bunch of veiled Teutonic menace. We want drivings.

It’s the convertible version of the most powerfullest Bentley ever, and it’s reassuringly Massive and Imposing. 621bhp, 202mph, absolutely no Premiership footballers in sight. They don’t let the riff-raff in here, y’know…

We're a bit excited about this one. The first proper Citroen hot hatch in bloody ages, armed with 196bhp and more stickers than a schoolgirl's lunchbox. Utterly over-the-top, utterly fabulous.

It's Lexus's long-awaited BMW 1-Series rival, and it is indeed a hybrid. We haven't exactly fallen in love with the design yet - do you reckon it's a grower like the 1-Series?

40kg lighter than the standard Gallardo, 10bhp more powerful, loads of carbon fibre - what's not to love?

Is the facelifted Elise the happiest car that has ever existed? Look at its cute little smiley face! Don't you just want to give it a big hug... and then rag the bejesus out of it around a track until the rear tyres become very much on fire? Yeah, us too.

If you're still struggling to figure out the size of Nissan's jacked-up little crossover, we're here to help. Look, it's this big. Well, not actually this big. That'd be silly.

We are far too mature to make any jokes about the name of Renault's dinky hard-top convertible. Mainly because we used them all up in our news story last month. Instead, we can happily report that the Wind smells entirely fragrant, and seems to make all females in the immediate vicinity go all weird and maternal.

To celebrate Alfa's centenary, styling house Bertone has created this astonishing concept, based on the 8C Competizione. It's a pure prototype and will never, ever be made... but heck, ain't it nice?

Check back to soon for Paul ‘The Foreman' Horrell's rundown on the CLS-previewing F800 concept, because there's a lot going on here. This, we reckon, is where Merc styling is heading over the next few years, and there's definitely a Marmite quality to the F800. By which we mean that you'll either love it or hate it, not that it's got an oddly moreish salty-yeasty taste.

Jeez, two handsome new Peugeot concept on the same stand: who'd have thunk it? We actually heard someone complain that the SR1 ‘looks too much like a V8 Vantage'. And that's a bad thing because...?

Another brilliantly over-the-top concept from our favourite far-out Frenchmen: an all-electric track-day special that could - maybe, just maybe - be brought to production for a one-make race series. Bring it, we say.

The Carrera GT is back, and this time it's hybridised. Porsche's petrol-electric hypercar concept stole the Geneva show, and all the signs are that they're going to actually build it. Oh yes.

Tsk. You wait ages for a hybrid supercar concept to turn up... and then two rock up on the same day. Taking the petrol-electric fight to the Porsche 918 Spyder is Ferrari's hybrid 599, and Bill Thomas has all the details...

If a Morgan is just a bit too modern for you, how about one of these retro-styled... things from Aussie upstarts Bufori?

Star of the Seat stand is the IBE concept, a dinky all-electric coupe that points at the Spanish brand's future design direction. 25cm shorter than an Ibiza, its front wheels are driven by an electric motor that can manage 204bhp in short bursts or 68bhp in normal driving.

Polo GTI, Ibiza Cupra or this, the new Fabia vRS? Tough call. They're all powered by the same 1.4-litre, 178bhp petrol engine, and they all get a seven-speed DSG as standard. Clearly the only way to decide is to drive them all back-to-back. Roll on June, then.

I demand a similar car show in Kuwait!! 😛


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  1. Wow seems it was an exciting show 😀

    • thanks for passing by! 🙂

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