Movie Review: Carriers

First of all, this is NOT a horror film

Second this is NOT a zombie film. So don’t be fooled by the idiotic marketing of this fine little gem. What this is, is a deliberately paced drama about a group of survivors in a world plagued with a virus that’s pretty much killed everyone and the hard decisions they have to make on their way. It could be a companion piece to The Road almost, a sort of prequel set a few years before.

While it is “slow” it only clocks in about 84 minutes which is far too short in my opinion and I wanted more really. Something tells me that the film was originally much longer but cut down by the producers to please the teens who all seem to hate it anyway.

And a note to Cinescape,  if you can’t make good caramel popcorn, just don’t attempt to make it!


6 Responses

  1. One of the worst ever! Waste of a good 3 KD for 2! and yeah, caramel popcorn is also a waste of a good KD!

    • agreed!!

      thanks for passing by 🙂

  2. Hey u, welcome back! It’s been a while ;p

    I haven’t seen it but my younger brother did and I quote ” It was a total waste of time”

    • thanks 🙂

      and yeah i agree with your brother .. waste of time!

  3. This movie is full of things to think about and lots …

    • things like what?

      and thanks for passing by 🙂

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