Introducing Q&A @ The Avenues Blog

From this week I’ll be starting..

.. The Avenues Blog Q&A sessions

Who do you think will be my first guest??

The first session .. coming soon!!



7 Responses

  1. First comment? Yes, no? Yes, w00000t.

    Ok, so yeah what sort of people will you be interviewing??

    • yes first comment congrats! 😀 😛

      the first interview will be with a blogger 😉

  2. I see! I like the idea, looking forward to it^^.

  3. Cool… Interviews (if done properly) are fun. By properly I mean better than what you see in our daily papers…

    Good luck!

    • thanks!! 😀

      (tara il dor yayik :P)

  4. nice idea:)

    • thanks for passing by 😀

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