First Weekend

this is how I spent the first weekend of 2010:

Chocolate digestives, AS level Biology and a note book!

Sad I know 😦 .. how did u spend urs?


13 Responses

  1. seems like biology is a problem for everyone
    i spent my weekend constructing a dna model :S

    • haha ashwa 3abali bas ana 😛

  2. Mine wasn’t that much fun :S
    Studying for challenge exams to skip 2 subjects I have already studied in McGill

    • oh .. seems like most of kuwait spent their weekends studying ..

      yulla best of luck with ur exams ..

      btw ur comment was the blog’s 100th comment .. congrats and thanks for passing by! 😀

  3. *sneaks away with the digestives*

    Best of luck in your exams; have plenty of rest now, you hear?

    • haha yeah ill try 😛

  4. okay, shahyetni. im in a digestives mood now. ;/

  5. a7la shay bel 3alam chocolate digestives!!

    • 7adda!!! ;D

  6. Hey, I see that you have a CGP book am wondering if they sell it here in Kuwait if so could you please tell me where can I get them ? I really need it :/
    By the way I really enjoyed going through your blog its fantastic you are a really good writer just keep up updating 😉
    Best of luck 😀

    • Hey there! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the blog.

      Unfortunately they don’t sell the CGP books here, I got mine from the UK, you might find them in Dubai as well.

      • Pity :/ , Could you please add me at I would like to have a quick chat with you.
        Thanks 😀

      • I dont use msn anymore, you can either use the contact form up there under the banner or DM me on twitter @Q80BOY. 🙂

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