The picture below shows what you get when you add oil with water.

The next three pictures  show the contents of my mug last night.

You see that greasy layer on the top?

No i didn’t opt for a Oil Mocha last night, it was just the normal nescafe sachet with half a bar of crushed Flake, no oil was added!


and NO i didn’t drink that 😛


10 Responses

  1. I’m cooold and this looks lovely…

    • LOL

      u are VERY cold to find THIS lovely 😛

  2. LOL seems fairly unhealthy :p

    well i guess everyone who eats it is supposed to know the truth BEFORE they eat it ya3nee

    thanks 4 sharing 🙂

    • yeah .. i couldnt believe the amount of oil i saw .. ill never touch a flake again (even tho i still pig out on snikers bars :P)

      and thanks for passing by 🙂

  3. What made you think of doing this experiment? Did you want to know the amount of oil in Flake or were you bored enough to play with anything? :p

    • LOL 😛

      well i was bored and i wanted a hot ‘chocolaty’ drink 🙂

  4. Ewie! Sha7am nooooooooo.

    *runs away in desperation*

    • hahaha 😛

  5. hatha dihen il7aleeb wil flake:

    zyn saweet innik ma sharabtah!!

    • la hatha ili yabi yishruba nawi 3ala 3amaliya inti7ariya! 😛

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