Q8 Printer

Upload your photo and have it printed on canvas

Q8printer.com specialize in printing your digital photos onto canvas

Once you order, your photo will be printed and delivered to your home the next day

Its very simple!

I really like how easy and simple the whole process is .. a nice idea!

Below are their prices:

29.7cm X 21 cm (KD 17.000)

42 cm X 29.7cm (KD 18.000)

42cm X 59.4cm (KD 24.000)

84cm X 59.4cm (KD 27.000)

118.8cm X 84cm (KD 75.000)

50cm X 50cm (KD 30.000)

40cm X 40cm (KD 25.000)

80cm X 30cm (KD 40.000)

50cm X 120cm (KD 70.000)

60cm X 80cm (KD 45.000)

60cm X 60cm (KD 35.000)

100cm X 100cm (KD 60.000)

30cm X 30cm (KD 20.000)

80cm X 80cm (KD 50.000)

They also charge 1.5 KD for delivery

To contact them call:

(965) 224699002

(965) 99647077


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  1. loved the idea…3jeeba!

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