We’ll never forget you …

H M AL-KHALIFA 1928-2009

Dear Grandpa,

It’s tragic to wakeup hearing that you passed away, it’s more tragic going to school knowing I lost you for good, and it’s so painful to lose a loved one, especially someone I adored so much.

When we were burying you yesterday, it started raining, it rained heavily, the sky cried, and so did your loved ones, we heard thunder, but it was muffled by your families’ cries, it was indeed a sad day.

You were the best grandfather a grandchild can wish for, always there for us, cheered us up, prayed for us, encouraged us, what else could we ask for?

During your tough journey with cancer, I prayed for you every single day, asking god to bring the old you back to life, but apparently cancer, that harsh disease, got to you faster than I thought.

November the 17th, will always be a sad day for me, may you rest in peace, and may god gives us, your family and friends, the strength to bear life without you being around. 

 We will never forget you … 😦


2 Responses

  1. Allah yir7ama. See you tomorrow?

    • yeah i’ll be there

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