Linda’s corner?! :S

The past month, I started a habit of listening to some music in the morning whilst preparing for school .. it wakes me up 😛

My iPod died on Suday last week .. so who’s saving the day? 99.7 ..

.. well are they?

I mean have u heard that program in the morning? i guess its called Linda’s corner or something similar

The presenter/ DJ has an annoying voice .. is so lame .. and doesnt know how to behave on the radio!

And the dedications .. mostly from kids .. dedications from classes, schools and even buses 😛

Then in the middle of the so called show i hear the movement of her chair :S

Compared to Marina FM’s Diwaniya show which i listen to on the way back from school .. its a laugh!

so who do we blame? the ministry? the producer? Linda?

Or do i just fix my ipod asap and forget i even listened to the radio? 😛



7 Responses

  1. She’s been there for years… Once you get used to the background noise, she’s alright (but nothing more).

    Fix your iPod!

    • haha nothing more 😛

      i got my songs on my mobile now until the thing gets fixed 🙂

  2. Try MixMornings on MixFM 98.4

    and this isn’t because I know the people who work there ;-p

    • haha 😛

      i heard its a nice show 🙂

  3. Get the new ipod!!;)

  4. Loool, say hi to Linda for moi. And I like the part where you mentioned the “movement of her chair”.


    • lol .. the movement of the chair is her program’s signature 😛

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