Climate change day: 350


That was the only image i had from yesterdays succesful Climate Change day, 350 in Kuwait ..

the image was taken from the offcicial website

I’d like to thank Kuwait sport club for their support to climate action .. great stuff !!

btw anyone attended the walkathlon in the scientific centre? how was it?


6 Responses

  1. It was great event.. i’m very proud to see this kuwait.

    add me to ur blogroll pls

    • ya it was nice to see this in kuwait 🙂

      and thanks for passing by .. u got a nice blog 😉

  2. I’m worried about you…

    • lmao .. dont worry .. its just this month .. then its history 😛

  3. Interesting few posts on Climate Change you have… If you’re passionate about it, visit our website and get in touch to see how you and your school can take part 🙂

    • thnx for passing by, will definitely visit ur site 🙂

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