Blog Action Day: Global Warming


My second post for the day will be on Global Warming ..

i know all of u know about this .. so i dont want to bore u with all the scientific details and stuff .. but i would like to share this link with u ..

this website was started by a 14 yr old boy ..

Alec, 14 years old, is a Freshman at El Camino High School, in Ventura California.

He founded Kids vs Global Warming when he was 12 years old after watching Al Gore’s movie, “an inconvenient truth.”  Feeling the weight of the global situation and a sense that he could make a difference, Alec felt compelled to tell other kids about the problems we are facing.  His message is deeply rooted in hope, encouraging kids to speak up and let their voices be heard on this issue.

Alec created a presentation made specifically for youth, full of videos, animation, easy-to-understand science, and compelling motivation for kids K-college ages.  He gave over 30 global warming presentations before being invited by Al Gore to be formally trained with the Climate  Project in October of 2008.  He is now the youngest trained presenter with The Climate Project. 

So if a 14 yr old kid can take action about global warming .. why cant u?

Some of the ways u can reduce global warming: (taken from that site)

  • ride the bike instead of ur car (in kuwait this can only be done in the winter)
  • invest in alternative energy
  • start recycling!
  • stop using plastic bottles
  • hang ur clothes to dry outside .. driers take up a lot of energy (and u can show off ur colourful underwear :P)
  • stop using the norml light bulbs .. whats wrong with the LEDs or compact fluorescent bulbs?
  • plant trees and plants to reduce the carbon dioxide levels

many of these can easily be done .. so for the sake of mother nature .. lets try to do them! 😉


2 Responses

  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

    • lolz

      thanks for passing by 🙂

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