The BB Revolution


I enter The Avenues and a huge stage is set up in the middle of no where and a gigantic BlackBerry is there, Kuwaitis are all over the place and many are standing in line to get one.

I open the newspaper and each telecom company is advertising its blackberry services and electronic stores are advertising the cheap prices.

I go on twitter and half the tweets are made by twittberry.

I read the blogs and all the bloggers are either reviewing their gadget or asking for help and recomendations to which one they should buy.

I chat with friends and they’re talking about the BlackBerry and how they really want it and wanna buy it etc.

Now as i know the blackberry is a mobile phone for business men (and women so u dont accuse me of being sexist) … now did i miss something? did 3/4 of the kuwaitis become entrepreneurs and started their own businesses?

Or is this the new habba?

I also realised that i bought my mobile (Sony Erricson W910i) for 155 KD and the BlackBerry is selling for less … which means many mobiles are better?

i wonder when a new habba would arrise and everyone forgets about their BlackBerrys and start their pursuit of happiness to the next Q8O habba ..? 😛

Enjoy ur blackberrys guys !! 😀


7 Responses

  1. I love my Nokia N82 and I love my Windows Vista BASIC! 🙂

  2. Blackberry is a fad. It’s been out there for ages but never made an impact in our community until now.

    I’m an iPhone person. 😉

    • lool ya ..

      iPhone is the best ..! 😀

  3. I’m stuck with BB because of work… I remember 2 years being the only one in all my friends/family to have one!

    iPhone is waaaaaaay cooler.

  4. I think bb started as a habba, however once people realized how useful it moved beyond that!

  5. LOL ee, 7ada habbaaaah. Iphone person here as well, but they got me a bb as a gift:(

  6. I love my BB!!
    ma77ad business sadigni ;p

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