After the IGs …

I guess many of u have been wondering what happened to me after day 4 … well after day 4 i started the tough science exams that needed a lot of work and concentration which didnt leave me much time to blog …

Thankfuly all my exams went well … except one or two papers where hopefuly god will help me … and now im free (well actually i was free 1 week ago :P)

How did i celebrate? i went out with my two best friends and we watched a movie and had dinner … nothing special … i wanted to have a bonfire and burn all my books and papers but my friends didnt want to participate … maybe next year when i finally finish high school inshala !! 😀

So what am i up to? nothing … im gona be bored to death for the next two weeks then im going to the UK (YESSSSS) and then when i return (august) i get my results (hopefully straight As and A*s :P)

If u have any suggestions on how to spend these two weeks … dont hesitate to comment and reccomend anything 🙂


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  1. YOU DID IGs?? HAHA I did them last year they were hell bas I would do them any day of the week now! Good luck in August and for your 2 weeks kick back and relax don’t do anything eat and sleep well obviously go out but nothing really productive or requires you to use your brain la2ana after IGs brain need a break to function later! .. 😀

    Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you die today.


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