IGCSE Exams Day 4

Friday, 16th of May

Today was my first weekend exam, why should we do exams in weekends !!??

I had an english exam, and was ready for it

I went to school at around 2.15, chatted and went to the exam hall at 2.50

the hall was freezing !!! and i was wearing shorts !!

th exam was easy, not too hard and not too easy, i didnt panick this time (thank god)

and that was it !! elections tommorow and Math P4 on Monday

5 done 11 to go


9 Responses

  1. No post about women winning the election? Don’t tell me you’re one of those who think it’s stupid and such:p

  2. scratch that, just saw the post below

  3. enjoy university while it lasts! that’s the awful truth unfortunately

    • lol im still in high-school but dont worry … i will enjoy uni as much as i could !! 🙂

  4. Good luck with your exams/results…

    Mashallah I’m very impressed by your blog especially since you’re at high school. I hope you get the results to get you into the university/course you desire. Keep up the good work. I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader to keep up.

    All the best,

    • Thanks a lot for the encouraging comment … and keep up the gd work in ur blog as well …!

      best of luck,
      Q80 BOY 🙂

      PS. im ur cousin … i want u to guess which one 😛

      • Yousef?

      • lol, wild guess?

        hehe .. ya im yousef 🙂

      • Hala Wallah… Mashallah…

        Not a wild guess at all. When you said cousin – and IGCSE I could only think of you 🙂

        Following you on Twitter now!

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