IGCSE Exams Day 3

thursday, 15th of may

i had 2 exams today, chem p6 and arabic

i woke up extra early cause i really freaq out before a chemistry exam, i just find it hard

i went to school, did the usual “revision” and went to the exam hall at around 9.20 am

the fly did the register, and again she was so slow !! i hate her

the chem exam wasnt that bad, i messed up on the last question, i just wrote some non-sense, but i was expecting that in chemistry so i wasnt sad or anything

i returned home, whilst diet friend and hobo stayed in school waiting for the next exam which starts at 3.00 pm

i returned to school at around 2.15 pm and chatted with friends

we sat the arabic exam in classrooms this time, which was a bad idea cause we only had one invigilator and he was a push off (a wimp)

the guys were chatting, shouting out, screaming, cheating in an EXAM !!

and it was a listening exam as well !!

i was happy cause the weekend started, but i have a exam tommorow 😡

4 done 13 to go


2 Responses

  1. oh god i remember doing paper 6 allah ye3eenek but at the end its totally worth it 😛 and the same thing happened in our arabic exam, i dont think there even was a teacher in our classroom, that’s how highly english skls think of arabic, good luck with your exams the ig’s can be pretty stressful!! 😉

  2. 7taa a7na ma9khara kan bel arabic 2nd language listening exam. Ma thal a7ad ma te6anaz w tha7ak 3al as2ela el ghabeya.

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