Congratulations Q80 Women

I send my sincere congrats to all the women in kuwait, cause finally four of them were chosen to join the parlimant

the first one, ma39ooma il mbarak, deserves it, i mean she took first place in her district, she deserves a round of applause

the second one, aseel il 3awa’9y, last year she took 11th place, this year 2nd place, even though the heartless people spread rumors and stories, no one beleived, and here she is, gonna be an mp, congrats from all my heart

the third one, rola dashti, ur the best !! :D, even though u werent ranked 2nd or 3rd u were in the top 10, congrats !!

the fourth one, salwa il jasar, ive not heard of her, ive not read anything about her, but still, she did it !! she was one of the first women that entered the kuwaiti parlimant, congrats !!

now, what about the “boys”?

well only the best (except two) are left, who are the two? well, one went through tunnels to get into palestine, and the other was accused of ta2been 3emad mo8niya (may he NOT rest in peace)

the others are the best !! marzoug, il 5rafy, 3ashoor, il ro’9an etc.

and id also like to congratulate the new members, il dweaisan and il m6awa3 (i know there are more but i dont recall them)

congratulations to Kuwait, to her prince, to her crown prince, and to her citizens

lets hope that the next parlimant will stay for 4 years, so that the members can actually work on a couple of projects

God bless kuwait and her rulers



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