IGCSE Exams Day 2

Wednesday, 13th of May

 I woke up 6.00 am today, cause i had a Math exam, now i HATE math, it just freaks me out !! I did some revision had my daily breakfast (skimmed milk and a cheese sandwhich) and got in the car, on the way i read the news paper (as a way to forget that i have an exam in a couple of hours).

when i arrived to school, i went to my homeroom and chatted with my form tutor, chatted with a couple of friends and then headed to the library to do some “revision”. Hobo was  sitting alone in a table, diet friend was sitting on another table with a couple of friends

so i start revising, went over my past papers, the text book, the equations every thing was ok, i look at my watch 9.00 am aaaaaaaaaaaaah 30 min until the exam !! i run down to the nearest math teacher and ask her a question (just to make me feel better lol) i then went to my math teacher and told her that im gonna fail, she stared at me and told me NEVER  say that word again lol

so i go to the hall downstairs, i take my equipment and head to my table, i stare at my picture on the ID card, i look funny, i smile. The register is taken by a teacher (i will call her the fly) so the fly takes the register ever so slowly, the students are sweating and the fly is smiling “abc def ?” the student squeaks “yes” the fly answers “abc? oh he must be late” the student is having a heart attack and she is marking him late cause shes so old she cant listen !!

the exam papers are given out, i do the first question, second, third ….. question 20 (before the last) i stop !! i panick !! oh no, i cant do it, ive never seen this before, im gonna fail (even if the question was 2 marks only, lol) i leave it and go to the next one, i do it, i check my other answers, all is good except question 20 !! aaah no, i cant leave it blank, and my brain is not functioning any more, fly “1 min left” me (in my head) “nooo, i wont leave it blank !!” i wrote 2 and closed the paper

i go out and ask the nearest student about the answer for question 20, he says 5, nooooooooooooooooooooo i was 3 numbers away from the right answer !!

i needed the toilet desperateley, so i was kind off running to the w.c. (lol) i was smiling, wow i finished my math paper 2, and dint to THAT bad

after i finshed my “business” i went to my math teacher and she was like “wow u look like a happy man, how did it go”  me “easy, just that queation” i was a happy man, and dunno why all the worry

so i return home, watch some tv, have lunch an do some chemistry revision

2 done 15 to go


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