IGCSE Exams Day 1

Tuesday, 12th of May

So i wake up at around 6.30 am and start revising for my Physics Paper 6, i arrived at school at around 7.30 am, ive not been to school for almost 2 weeks (i kinda missed it lol).

I went to the school library to “revise” Hobo and diet friend were there, we “revised” for 10 min then started chatting about nothing. Hobo didnt do any revision so i was doing a past examination paper with him and teaching him the tricks (i suck at teaching).

The school told us that the exam will start at 9.30 so at 9.00 a teacher comes to the library and says come on lets go to the hall

when he said hall my heart started beating, i mean i was just chatting and laughing and i was confident, but just when the word hall was said i started panicking

so we go to the hall and sit and sit and sit until finally our deputy head teacher (i will call her dangerous cause thats what she is), so dangerous started telling us about the rules and about not having mobile phones and about how easy the exam is and i was panick panick IG exam panick IG my future panick (even though i did 6 past papers last night and got full marks in them)

so at last the exams are given out, i saw May/June 2009 printed at the top, i smiled, wow, what a moment, im actually sitting my IGCSEs, all the panick went away when i opened the question paper, the exam was very easy and i didnt have any problems with it

after an hour it was all over, my first IG exam was over (oh what a releif)

i went home and remembered that i had a Math exam tommorow, so i revised some past papers and everything went ok

i read some blog articles in my free time and watched some TV, and that was it

Day 1 of exams OVER

1 done, 16 to go


2 Responses

  1. nice day wish ya like in the rest

  2. lol! i was nervous about the IGCSE first exam too!! Same feeling 😛
    Good luck in all your exams

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