The Legend

Today I’m going to tell you a story about a legend (atleast he is in my school).

The name is Howard Banks, and the age is over 60, the amount of hair on body is -1000, the birthplace is birmingham, the university he went to is birmingham university,  the school he is teaching in now (not my school) is the one that has a bridge and a double decker bus, the department he works in is design and technology.

why is he a legend?

well, because of many incidents that happened in his previous school (my school), so in this post i’m gonna tell you about some of the incidents that made him a legend.

Incident (1)

He calls the head of IT and asks him what’s the code for the CIA (i suppose he meant CIE – cambridge int. examinations) the head of IT is speechless, somehow the students in the class go to hear the conversation, so they went on google, searched for agent banks, they got agent cody banks (a woman) as one of the results so they copy/paste the pic on a word doc. and print it in his (the legend’s room).

Result: He storms in the head of dep. class and starts saying aahhm excuzzze mee (the only phrase he knows by heart), the head is surprised, he laughs at him and tells him get out im teaching right now.

Incident (2)

The head of IT asked the legend to check the Ink levels in the printers for the IGCSE practical exams. He told the head that everything was alright. On the morning of the exam he comes running to the head “no ink !!, help” the head (an intelligent man that knows the legend very well, had ordered a cartdige just in case) was like “but i asked u a month ago and u said every thing is ok” the legend went red in the face

so what happened? he went to each and every teacher in the school asking to borrow their printer for the day,wth?? he even asked primary teachers !!! at the end of the school day the head called him over to his class and gave him the cartdige that the head bought just in case, the legend jumped with joy, lol.

u think the story finished?? no no, it didnt cause banks is a legend and legends have to get a smashing ending.

so, he takes the cartdige and goes to his room and prints a test page, it cant print! he tries again, it still doesnt print, so he calls the head of IT, and he comes to a classfull of y.7 kids, he notices the kids sitting near the printer are laughing, so the head goes to the printer and removes the cartdige and understood why the 12 year olds were laughing. The legend didnt remove the saftey sticker !!!!!!!!!! omg wth is wrong with this man !! for gods sake ur a teacher !!

After reading these two incidents u may have understood why he’s called a legend (if u dont then u must need more of his funny incidents).

Thanks for reading and sorry if it was too long.



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