Breaking News: Domestic Violonece in Egaila


a friend was having a casual weekend, watching t.v when an african/american barged into their living room bleeding !!

the man, is my frends renter (mo2ajir).

why did he come to his home? cause hes hiding, from who? police? no his wife !!

apparantley his wife disovered that he was cheating on her so she threw a glass vase at him, it landed on his bald head causing a severe injury.

was the husband really cheating? yes he was, he admitted it.

so whats happening now, ambulance arrived after 15 min of calling them (is it a new record? cause normally they arrive after 1 – 2 hours)

the wife (the guilty woman) is still in the apartment upstairs, she invited a friend over and theyre both “peeking” at the chaos in the street, the view (as described by my friend) is like wisiteria lane after a major incident, all the women are out gossiping and spreading rumors, lol.

whats happening now? the victim is in the ambulance and the corageous “ambulance men” are putting bandages on the injury to stop the blood (arent they supposed to rush him to the nearest hospital?)

I will post any updates if i receive them.



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