Mal3ab 9aboon

so my friends convince me to go out with them, we decided to go to mal3ab 9aboon and then end the day with dinner from Mcdonalds (too bad as im on a diet)

The day of the trip comes, they’ll pick me up at 6.30 pm, so i get ready and wait. 6.45pm i call my friend “where are u” replies ” were on our way yala bye) 7.00pm i txt message “where r u? arent we late?” he replies with “were on our way” i reply “how many kids in the car?” he replies “dont ask its brutal”

Okaaay, so i expected 2 more kids in the car, 3 at most.

They arrive at 7.20pm, 10 kids are stuffed in the car! TEN !!! and that doesnt include the driver. So, in the intresting journey my friend gets sexually harrased by his cousins, all werid types of music are played, were 30 min late and there’s a kid stcking his nose in my friend’s hair.

So we arrive to the mal3ab and dsicover that we can only play for 25 min, so we “hike” to a next one and by hike i mean we walked, ran, jumped down walls, climbed up and down rocks, so thankfully we can play now.

Its REALLY fun once ur in there, u splash, slide and get saoked with soap.

After 2 hours of fun we get changed and hike to Mcdonalds (please bare in mind that one of my friends is bare foot -no shoes!!)

Security guy at mcdonalds stops us, “u cant enter barefoot, what are u hobo?” i reply “yes, we found him by the rocks and were gonna buy him a bigmac” the gaurd was speechless.

we wait in line and order, 1supersize bigmac meal for our hobo friend, a prite for my diet friend and a strawberry milkshake for me (5osh diet, it had 419 calories!)

we sit down and eat. Dirty secrets are revealed. i laugh, i cry, i become speechless, i think wow wth is wrong with this family etc.

11.45pm i nudge hobo. i tell him yalla lets got he replies who called the driver? so i shut up. 12.00am i nudge him again and he replies AGAIN who called the driver? so i wait and wait and WAIT. one of his cousins ask for the time, i shout 12.20am !! they look at me strangely. I get up and diet friend gets up too, he suggested we take a taxi back home, i said i’ll call my dad.

i storm back in and call hobo and go out.


HOBO: blank face

ME: helllooooooooooow WHAT TIME !!!

HOBO: i dunno let me ask

so he comes back

ME: what time?

HOBO: 2am

TWO IN THE MORNING !!! wtf is wrong with this boy !!

the problem is that he invited me!!! so i call my day and he cam picked me and diet friend up, returned diet friend home and we went back home.

All in all i had so much fun, its just the beginning and the ending ruined everything. It’s like diet friend’s tuna sandwhich, it had greasy and flat bread (beginning and ending) but the tuna and lettuce in the middle (the mal3ab 9aboon and dinner) were fine.

So the question is, if he invites me again what will i say?

NO !!!!!!!


cause hes not organised and i hate people like that !!



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